17 February 2006

Screw the Sequins...Curling's In

I've found my Olympic sport. From a style perspective, of course.

Skiing has 3 outfits for the whole lot. (I never understood why there can't be more variation.)

Anything on a sled is the same way.

Summer Olympics - well, that's a whole 'nother story.

And then there's the Sequins on Ice. Our Project Runway pals were forced to do a skating ensemble for Sasha Cohen. Forget it. Boring. They all looked the same. They all do. Sequins and a skirt. That's it. Blah.

The real fashion is in curling!

This morning (as we were slowly getting ready and solving shoe/sweater matching dilemmas), F blurts out:

"That Russian girl is really hot." Uh huh.

So, of course, I have to check her out. She was. But more importantly, she had attitude. Her hair was a cute razory bob (Euro-bleach blonde aside), and her "uniform" was a cute little winter jacket. Boxy cut, hit at her hips, white with red trim (OK, being Russian, I suppose that's a little predictable), and a flipped collar. Black slacks. She wasn't alone, either. The American women (whom they were curling against) all looked great, too. Maybe it was the athletic confidence they all seem to have. Or maybe the fact that they could wear a little eyeliner and blow out their hair without fear of having wind and ice ruin it. They looked good.

"I've found my sport!" I'm gonna curl. If I can look that good while playing a sport, then that's for me.


Miss Scarlet said...

Maybe I'm biased because I love and play but, I love tennis outfits. Fashion in tennis has come SO far. Although I could never play in all that bling some of them wear. Haha, I said bling.

DC Celine said...

True, there's definitely been style innovation in tennis. Style is a key part of the game, in some way. But I can't help thinking country club, and golf, and then, well, the style goes downhill. Has anyone figured out how to look good on a golfcourse yet?