08 March 2006

We've all been there - honk if you're in the club

A heard a funny story today.

A friend called me at 12:15.

"I forgot my underwear when I went to the gym, so I'm - what's that called? Commando?"

[Laughter on my end. Laughter.]

"I'm on my way to GAP to buy some underwear," he huffed and puffed as he strode down the streets of Old Town Alexandria.

[Laughter on my end. Laughter.]

"I'm laughing so hard because I've been there. There was the day that I forgot it all* and told my boss that I'd miss our 10:00 staff meeting becuase I needed to be there when the mall was open."

"Oh, no," he said. "I had meetings and things to take care of, so I did them, and am just now going," he crowed, proud that he's so dedicated to his job.

I won't go into the details of our conversation about who has it easier to go commando - girls or boys.

*all = top & bottom

1 comment:

Serena said...

I was so late the other morning that I actually did *this*. So embarrassing. Frustrating, too, because I was given no opportunity to blow off work. Let's just say it was an interesting day ; )