26 March 2006

What's your fashion inspiration right now?

Is it the cherry blossoms?

Is it the hint of spring (the barest hint)?

Is it the fashion mags?

Is it...

What makes you pick out what you wear each morning? What makes you pick up that blouse off the rack right now?

What's your inspiration, D.C.?


Serena said...

Inspiration for what I want to wear are magazines and the streets. The drive for what I actually wear is what gets me out of the house quickly with little thought.

Miss Scarlet said...

OMG I am so going shopping this weekend because my warm weather wardrobe sucks! (I hate warm weather so I hate to buy the clothes for it).

I get inspired from magazines and celebrties mostly. I usually have big plans for my outfit each day but then I think about what I'll be doing all day or how busy I'll be and change it up. But a good outfit day really helps my mood!