05 April 2006

Teeny bit of inspiration

Haven't had much to shout about, style-wise, lately. Life's been to & from the office, on the airplane (I spared you the reports of Fort Worth, TX, style). But in today's mail came a teeny bit of style from an unexpected source.

I usually don't look to J. Crew for anything more than a button-down shirt or a T. Today's catalogue, though, is worth a look...
  • Cashmere long-sleeve tee (in any color your little heart desires)
  • Heritage chino shorts would make a great base for that new dressy short shorts look. Pair it up with some peep toe heels (they do), and you're dressed for the next party.
  • Mini-seersucker jacket. Don't know what it is about seersucker, but I want this!
  • Keaton summer-weight chino jacket makes a great safari statement. We'll just have to see if I can swing a waisted jacket.
  • The washed patterned tuxedo shirt is just the spunky sort of twist I like for my office attire.
  • The Eloise suit jacket is cut just right (at least it looks like it in the catalogue) for still feeling like a girl, not like a girl in a boy's suit.
  • Can't wait to throw on the embossed beach dress - maybe even in grapefruit (can a strawberry blonde pull off sunny yellow?)
  • And it might be a little old-fashioned (says F), but I love the button down & full-length skirt in silk seersucker. It worked for Sharon Stone when she did it with a turtleneck. It works for Carolina Herrera (I only wish that her button down wedding gown worked for my own nuptials!). It works for J. Crew.
Now, if only I could find the room in my "budget" (and I use that term extremely loosely) for any of it.

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Miss Scarlet said...

One day my budget is going to allow for me to order the entire JCrew catalogue. I LOVE JCrew!