12 April 2006

New Office, New Style

Things have been a little crazy lately - be thankful that I spared you a report of the fashions in Ft. Worth, Texas.

So after that trip, I switched jobs, and now have a whole new style world to experience. Gone are the military folks, here are the executives. I'm very curious to see if any of them show any signs of style. My expectations are low, I must admit, because 95% of them are former military. And the rest of them either wanted to be, or are grown up jocks. Khakis and blue blazers abound, on the male executive front.

On the non-exec front, I've seen some adventurous shirts - at least adventurous for DC. We're not talkin' fitted button downs here, we're talkin' branching out into some cooler colors. And for the women? Wow. There's some nice, classy biz-caz wear (props to the cool turquoise glass beads). And then there are the women who just don't understand that tight is not appropriate for the office. Tight tops everywhere. Poppin' out all over the place. Wow.

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