13 April 2006

If you love it, wear it. Me and my red shoes.

Aas I was getting dressed this morning (waaaaaaaaaaay too early), and I threw on my LBD, I slid on my favorite deep red patent leather heels.

"Red shoes!" you say, "what a great way to spice up the LBD!"

Why, thank you.

But you have to know the fashionista-shaming truth. They're at least 10 seasons old (how does one count the seasons? How many are there per year?). One of these days, I'll tell the story of my obsession shoe purchase (complete with gay boyfriend shopping companion), but it's true. I've had this pair of amazing shoes for 100 years. Nearly literally.

I went through a phase when I didn't wear them, for fear that they were too "out." You see, they're square-toe, chunky heel pumps. So pre-Y2K. What would people think? (Aw, c'mon...we're in Washington...who am I kidding?)

And I love them. I put them on in the morning, and I feel funky. I feel tall, strong, and kick-a@@. I always get compliments on them, and, well, there really is no better way to spice up a LBD than with bright color shoes - and red works fantastically well.

So what I want to know is, what one piece of your wardrobe will you never give up, no matter how out of fashion it might be, because you absolutely adore it and how it makes you feel? Because, in my fashionista-shamed mind, I believe that if you love it, it looks good, and it's "you," you should wear it, no matter if it would raise eyebrows on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive. If you love it, wear it.


NotCarrie said...

My black and white polka dot shirt. I love it and wear it all the time no matter if polka dots are "in" or "out"!

BabsieD said...

My Celine tote bag (aptly titled, well, "Celine").

It's from the Pop Art Daisy Michael Kors era, and I walk just a wee bit straighter when I'm carrying it.

I convinced my husband that it would someday make the perfect diaper bag--in reality, however, my now two-year old has never been able to get within a mile of it.

And I don't care if it ever goes out of style--it probably is now, as totebags were the necessary item about a million years ago, but I could care less!