18 April 2006

Fashionable Travels

Loyal readers (all 3 of you - thank you!), I need your help once again.

If you were going to go on a long trip somewhere amazing, where would it be? That is, where would you go to experience the most amazing - and maybe undiscovered - fashion and style? I promise, this time, I won't freeze up like I did in Italy.

F and I have yet to decide on our honeymoon location. Where should we go?


Miss Scarlet said...


Well, I want to go to Greece on my honeymoon but besides bathing suits and coverups, I'm not too sure of the fashion. Are you looking for warm? or touristy? or adventurous?

BabsieD said...

Mustique. Amazing. Fabulous. Romantic. Total once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It's a small island, so it's not like there's lots of shopping, but the hotel store at the Cotton House carries Rosa Cha, to give you an idea of how much the world's fashionistas like to vacation there.

That and Kauai are both incredible honeymoon spots. But Mustique is incomparable.