24 April 2006

Garden Party Funk

1 week to the lovely luncheon my sis is throwing for me (thank you!). And I have nothing to wear!

Well, not really. I actually do have one or two things I could wear. For example, white linen circle skirt (Banana, last summer) and Mediterranian-blue silk scarf top (again, Banana, last summer). Top was my "I'm going to stroll along the Black Sea" elegance top for last year's trip to Romania. Then I left it in Bucharest when we went to the beach. Helpful.

Back to the current dilemma. I do have things to wear, but I'd love to have a new funky garden party outfit. Have been surfing the web a little, but nothing really struck me. So on Saturday F and I took a speedy trip out to Tyson's II (in that pouring rain). We had an hour.

Started at Nieman Marcus. Cute stuff, but nothing fab. A little staid.

Then we hit Betsey Johnson. Well.

In half an hour, F had brought about 10 dresses to the dressing room (he's very good). Lots of adorable, not-in-the-least-staid options. Channelled all sorts of glam retro movie stars:
  • Molly Ringwald (white pastel polka-dotted minorly drop-wasted halter - complete with bows)
  • Katherine Hepburn (white silk fruit printed shirt dress - my fav!)
  • Sophia Loren (brown and white striped empire waisted beach dress/tunic - with a covertible rope tie)
  • Someone from the 70s (can't think of a good name right now - still on half a cup of coffee) (great little bright burnt orange knit shirt dress with wooden buttons)
It was loads of fun - not to mention the 40s-inspired tan suede pumps that went perfectly with everything. I didn't come up with anything (this one was just a smidgen too tight, this one too big, but nothing just right), but it was fun.

Then we went on to Saks. Much the same experience. Too big, too small, nothing just right. But I was pleasantly encouraged to find lots of different silouhettes - more than my old standby halter. I felt really good in the fitted cuts of the 40s & 70s. I have to recommend them!

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