24 April 2006

Garden Party Funky

My lil' sis & mom are throwing me a bridal luncheon on Saturday (thank you!). And while I have some more than respectable options in my closet, F and I did a whirlwind 1 hour, 15 minute Tysons II stop Saturday night. Just to see if I could come up with something a little garden party, a little funk.

I was pleasantly surprised at the options. All sorts of different silouhettes - not just my standby halter. And remarkably few flowered prints. Thank goodness. Hurrah for the non-flower prints!

As I stood nekked in the dressing room at Betsey Johnson, F brought me about 10 different dresses and a fab 40s pair of pumps to try. I channeled all sorts of glam screen goddesses:
  • Molly Ringwald - in a white polka dot, mildly drop waisted halter complete with bows and pouffy skirt
  • Katherine Hepburn - in a white silk teeny fruit print shirtdress (my fave!)
  • Sophia Loren - in a brown & white striped knit empire waisted bandeau (w/ rope tie halter option)
  • Some 70s goddess whom I can't recall at the moment - in a bright burnt orange knit shirt dress (slightly fuller skirt, totally flattering) with wooden buttons (would be a great way to spiff up the office attire, which is why I didn't buy it for said garden party)
We had a blast there, totally loving it, and then, since nothing was "just right," as Goldilocks sez, we moved on to Saks. Went through a whole slew of frocks there, too, with mild success on silouhettes (40s waisted, spaghetti sheath, girly pouf, Italian mini-shirtdress), still none was just right.

I might have to don something I already have in my closet, but we had an hour & a half of fun trying!

Sadly, none of the dresses I tried were online, or I'd show you - they really were fun - particularly the Betsey frocks. Girly and light, but not too young for a DC-fashionista!

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