01 May 2006

Modern Garden Party

Thanks to Lil' Sis & Mommy...it was a lovely party on Saturday.

I'd begged to not have a Bridal Shower. And I really wanted to spend time with the girls - all the women in my life. Naturally, given today's schedules, not everyone could make the 3-hour trek to my 'rents' place, but those who came - I was touched.

Here's the rundown:

Sis sent mixed pattern invites - nice touch on the mix - from Target.
There was no "theme" - remember, this wasn't a Bridal Shower, but StepPop had bought some great wildflowers - a huge bunch, an Mommy tossed them into the huge glass column we'll be using on one of our bars at the wedding. Completely coincidentally, there were agapanthus in the bunch - the uncommon flower that we're using as our focal flower for the wedding.
My StepPop's Ex-Wife's New Husband's Daughter (yup, you read that right) is a talented chef - she whipped up ladylike but not fussy tea sandwiches, salad, and they brought in dessert - Linzer cookies, a raspberry tart, a lemon tart, and cupcakes!
On tap? What else? Prosecco mimosas. They were a huge hit with the older crowd, many of whom had never had one before (how does one go through life without having had a mimosa?). Even my Mom-Mom threw aside her "no orange juice diet" and dove in!

There were only about 15 of us there. Which was just perfect. I got to chat with MIL's lady friends, my aunts, and even spent time with my childhood best friend.

It was lovely.

(Fashion Report.

Me: Banana white linen circle skirt, BCBG chocolate silk old-fashioned cami, and these fab ankle tie sandals from a little boutique in South Beach. I felt great, and was myself. The most important thing.

Mommy: Turquoise beaded Mediterranean tunic, white linen slacks, neutral sandals.

Lil' Sis: BCBG cotton pleated skirt with an effortless green & brown print, cami, and jean jacket, popped collar.

Must say, though I love my aunts dearly, I'd love to take them shopping. Teacher chic just isn't.)

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