01 May 2006

Plum Sykes & The Washington Post

So I'm a little slow on the draw...I'm just picking up Plum Sykes' novels (thanks BabsieD). I'm sure I've read her work in Vogue, but didn't realize it - now I'll just have to backtrack (or pick up the next issues).

But if anyone's interested, there's a mildly interesting (but not nearly as juicy as I'd hoped) chat transcript from the Washington Post's live chat with Plum.

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BabsieD said...

Just because I haven't pushed SFC enough--there are two signed copies of Debutante Divorcee at the auction--one with a $100 Coup de Foudre Lingerie gift certificate (have you been? amazing) and one with a stack of other signed chick-lit books. Hopefully will get the entire auction list up on the website today!!!