27 May 2006

Fashion Forward AND Saving the World

Well, long overdue, here's a bit of a report from the Suited for Change event...

Cell phone rings. "Hi, I'm almost there," I answer.

"I'm here already," F says. "There's a red carpet."

Eeek! I'm happy. I looooooove Red Carpets!

"Paparrazi?" I ask, hopefully, as if I'm Somebody, and They would take my picture.

"Nope, just hurry up."

The Red Carpet was a glam touch. Made everyone feel special, I'm guessing. It did me, at any rate. So did the slick (in a good, lounge-vibey way) DJ, the gorgeous gaggles of women, the roving models, and the to-die-for desserts.

Sure, there was lots to look at. Lots to admire - and lots to over which to say "oh! what was she thinking?" Overall, the crowd was fairly typical suited D.C. females, with a few star standouts.

I applaud the plain dresses with chunky heeled t-straps.

I applaud the couple of tall women wearing long coats over slacks - a great twist on "the suit."

I applaud the few gals who threw on a cocktail dress - we never get to wear them, so find any time you can!

More to applaud:
  • The gumption of the woman who (I swear) I think was wearing a whole nest of birds on her shoulder.
  • R. Nichols - a doll and lovely to chat with. Never mind his adorable stationery. He can fly up from Orlando anytime!
  • The mini-chocolate mousse-hot chocolate-style cups...they were worth breaking my current "no sweets" rule over
  • The hundreds of women spending lots of money for a lovely cause.

The guest of honor, who shared her story with us!

F, our friends, and I had a lovely time - thank you!

and P.S., I'm in love with the gathered wrap print dress from Pink November!

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