18 May 2006

Isaac's Fall Into Grace

I love Thursdays in the Express. A little bit of morning fashion with my coffee.

For years I've been watching Isaac Mizrahi's designs (don't I sound like a fashion editor? riiiight.). And now that he's got his Style show, I can see him interview Elle MacPherson 30 times in a row (why do they repeat the episodes so often?). I love his spunk, his spirit, his non-sock-wearing self. He can be a little annoying, but that's just part of him. My favorite part of the show is, of course, his sketching at the end. I would love to be there and experience that. He's just fabulous.

And I don't like his designs.

They just seem staid to me. They're marketed as "Every(American)woman," but I don't get the sense that they'd fit every woman. The silouhettes are off just a tad, and despite the classic American sensibility, I just can't get into his work.

Until, perhaps, this fall season. This morning's Express Look Out section ran an AP story on his fall collection launch. Structure, bows, vibrant colors, intriguing use of texture - all without ornamentation. The shots of the orange and yellow party dresses are just lovely. The black evening gown reminds me of Charlize Theron at the Oscars (I think I was the only one who loved her gumption and sheer elegance. I did not think it was "too much," as all of the lists ranted.) I only wish I had a place to wear the thing. (I keep threatening to have a black tie party just so that all of my girlfriends can wear their fanciest glitter.)

Anyone know when the new Isaac collection debuts at Target? I haven't been able to track that down, but I'm itchin' to go. Maybe, just maybe, he'll have pulled this one out of the 50s and into the '00s.

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Miss Scarlet said...

I didn't like her dress but it may have been because I don't like her.