17 May 2006

Fashion Poll: What're you wearing today?

(I have to think of a spiffy title for this poll - any suggestions?)

But what are you wearing today? Share your fashion brilliance or frustration!


Miss Scarlet said...

Well, today I went and raided my sister's closet bc her clothes are here but she is not yet (in the middle of moving home from college). V. casual today: Gap jean skirt, black shirt and a JCrew jacket thingy that matches the color of the shirt under the black shirt. I'm a big layer person.

BabsieD said...

I'm at my slouchy best--have to cart borrowed clothes, mannequins, etc. all over the universe this week.

However, I just picked up a pair of pants from the tailor (local tailor, nothing great) that I bought at Club Monaco about two months ago--they're tan with white up the sides, fun pockets, and I can't wait to finally wear them! I was actually smart about it for once and sewed up the pockets, too.

Miss Scarlet said...

My outfit today totally kicks it! Green striped skirt from JCrew mixed with a "just perfect" patterned shirt of the same colors. Oh yeah!