07 May 2006

I Felt So Fashionable This Weekend

F's pre-birthday celebration Friday nite. F, a girlfriend of ours, and I hit the town (the rest of our friends claimed to be "too tired." Uh-huh. Chickens!

We couldn't figure out where to go. We wanted comfortable & unpretentious. Where to go?
  • Zaytinya - we ended up ordering a few meze, dessert (gorgeous apricot!). Outside, breezy, and felt just wonderful after Moet & Chandon White Star & an apricot & orange blossom water-tini. Took the edge off of the seared octopus special that came with the suction cups still on (the suction cups gave us a little pause, but it tasted absolutely amazing).
  • Indebleu - hadn't been yet. Sleek decor, interesting, almost strange, crowd. No pretention whatsoever, despite their attmpt to create "door buzz" ("I have to let some people out before I let anyone else in," says the Gesichtskontrol at the door.) If you take a look at the site, look for the "Moonbounce"-emulating seating.
  • Coyote Ugly - amusing, and a bit disappointing. Unabashedly unstylish.
We, of course, all looked lovely. I rocked a mini that I hadn't worn happily in a while (F's birthday request) with strappy ankle-tie natural heels. GF was breezy & caz in jeans & a tunic in great reds. F sported a black textured button down & some Kors jeans.

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