30 June 2006

DC's Not a Style Wasteland!

And the proof of it was packing the Ritz' Fahrenheit restaurant last night at the Suited for Change Mercedes-Benz VIP After Party for the DC screening of The Devil Wears Prada. Reasons why I found faith in our collective DC Style last night:

1) The "What" was listed as "VIP Gifting Lounge and Champagne Reception." Anything with champagne = Style with a capital "S" in my book. Yummy.

2) Fahrenheit. Great vibe. Warm dark wood and claret tones. Candles & soft lighting.

3) The Ritz.

4) Having Security at the event. Made me feel special, anyways.

5) Swag with w capital "S." I'll give my full report in a future post.

6) Everyone in the room was clearly having a great time and looking amazing. Everything from Missoni minidresses to LBD

7) A room full of women clearly interested in Style. I felt like I'd come home.

And then I met H (formerly known as F), who was cooling his heels at Café la Ruche nearby, we got in the car to drive home, and drove through Georgetown. I was mildly crestfallen. Khakis and boring little tops everywhere.

So as I fell asleep, I dreamt not of sugarplums dancing, but of fashion prancing...and slept the best sleep in days.


Miss Scarlet said...

What's your thought on leggings? THere's a war over it on my blog right now but I wanted your opinion:) I'm not pro for myself but some people (mostly celebs) make it look ok. Thoughts?

Serena said...

Jealous! I had read about this and totally wanted to go. Details expected.