27 June 2006

Delerium Now From Happiness - And Two New Pairs of Shoes!

Blissfully happy return to "real life" as a new Mrs.

I have so much to tell about the Most Stylish Wedding Ever. It was perfect - nary a thing went even remotely wrong, only minor scandal, and our guests were the Most Stylish Guests Ever.

After the wedding, we spent a week "down tha Shore" in Jersey (yup, JERSEY!), sitting on our rear ends (I in my new "designer" bikinis - more on that later).

I'll dish more later, but here's a little taste. I wore these Stuart Weitzman goddess sandals (took me forever to find them!) for the ceremony,

then switched on the fly before the ceremony to a J. Crew heel (can't dance in flats). These aren't them exactly, but they're this same gorgeous soft gold suede. And they go great with my grey pinstripe suit for work!

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