02 June 2006

Dreaded Shopping Trips?

All the world knows that a Woman's Worst Nightmare is bathing suit shopping. Next to that? Jeans shopping.

And I've got to do both. For good reasons, fortunately - lost a lot of weight this year, and old stuff is waaaaaaaaaay too big. But still feeling stressed and blah doesn't help when I need to find jeans and a bathing suit.

I'm taking the easy road with the suit. Target. Cheap, and at that price, I can be as outrageous as I wanna be.

Jeans, on the other hand, are harder to do that with...I'm not ready (still have 10 more lbs to go) to buy the ├╝ber-expensive jeans right now, but the ones I have, as comfortable as they are (yes, I only own ONE pair), just aren't right anymore.

So off F and I go tonight, ISO new jeans. I promise a full report.


NotCarrie said...

Yuck, I hate shopping for those things, too. Mostly because I hate to try on stuff at the store and those two are tough to find the right fits for so trying them on is pretty necessary.

Serena said...

I've always hated jeans until I found a pair I could bare. I, too, only own one pair but might should invest in a couple more.