03 June 2006

Jeans Success! and Bachelorette Beauty

F and I are becoming the King and Queen of speed-shopping. First Tysons, now Pentagon City.

Quick Summary: 2 hours, 5 stores, 30+ pairs of jeans tried on, 2 purchased

Last night, after work, we sped to Pentagon City. Like I said, I wasn't ready to spend a load on jeans when I'm not quite at my target weight. So we hit:

Express: lots of choices, very cheap (sale!), but fits weren't quite right, and, honestly, boring. No pizzazz.
Arden B: a couple of cute details, but the line for the dressing room was just way too long do deal.
Banana: one favorite pair with flapped back pockets (a@@ looked great, way better than the online model!), but the fit was juuuust off. Other pairs: boring.
J. Crew: just didn't wanna deal.
Forever XXI: yup. Really. Not so bad, lots of cute, cheap things (tops, mostly). Jeans were a joke for this 32-year-old. I forgot (silly me!) that 15-year-olds don't have hips. Here, I also tried on the dressy short-shorts. I loved the look on the runway. Not on me!
Gap: on our way out, I was nearly done. Ready to leave. And we turned in. F was amazing. He fetched sizes like a champ. They should give him a job.

The winners: Unlike what I thought I was after (dressier dark, trouser-style), I ended up w/ distressed, lighter. Totally fun, and didn't break the bank (well, F's bank - he bought them for me as a bachelorette party present - THANK YOU!).

I look and feel great in them - we'll see how the boys like 'em tonight as the girlfriends torture me at my bachelorette. If you see a pained bride this evening on the DC town, please have sympathy!

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Miss Scarlet said...

GAP usually fit me the best but I need to really go out and find the perfect jeans for me.