07 June 2006

Failed Fashionista?

A long time ago, an Italian friend (more on that ancient story later - sigh...) taught me that it always helps to look good. So after a lovely year in Germany, I adopted his principles, and started going to class - even after a full night of - ahem - studying - dressed. We're not talkin' high-fashion, here, but I tried to put myself together, no matter what. And I found out that I felt better, even when on very little sleep, if my clothes weren't schlumpy and mismatched.

Since then, that's been my unofficial policy: if I feel crappy, get dressed. Make every effort to be as put together as possible, and watch what happens.

Until these past two weeks. Other than the Jeans Success last week, I've had terrible trouble bothering to put myself together. Don't get me wrong, I'm always presentable, but it's been tough to pull anything out of my closet that makes me feel together.

Other than today. Thank goodness for my red patent leather pumps and flirty LBD. Add a scarf tied nonchalantly at my neck, a little bit of bother with the eye makeup, and I somehow, despite feeling like I've been dragged to you-know-where and back, manage to garner a couple of compliments.

Feeling like a failed fashionista, but apparently doing ok.


Miss Scarlet said...

My friends in college would always say, "You're always dressed so nicely and never wear sweats to class like everyone else."
I'm the same way. I get in funks, but for the most part always try to look nice.

Serena said...

I think that's an awesome principle have to say I fail many days. You can usually tell how little sleep I actually got by the lack of makeup on my face and effort in my clothes.

DC Celine said...

Even if it's just putting on mascara, it helps, I swear. As much as I didn't want to "put on my face" this morning to go to work (yes, I'm still here now - the big push before I leave Wednesday to get married!), I did. A little mascara, a little blush...and I look at least like I'm not all washed out and tired. Or at least I didn't when I left the house. And the effort was minimal.