12 June 2006

Rainy Blue Monday

My fix for the Rainy Blue Monday D.C.'s having (rain all you want now, as long as you're done by Saturday!):

  • Lots of pearls: $1 big grey ones from Target (I swear! Love the bins at the front of the store), double-looped baby pink dotted along a gold chain, and white freshwater
  • Pretty blue shoes (the ones in the pic are similar, but as mine are more than a season old...pumps, not slingbacks, and the blue is closer to robin's egg, rather than slate, like these)
  • All paired with a LBD, of course.

Unimaginative? Perhaps. And I feel good, relatively perky for having about 4 hours sleep (I love my no-longer-so-new job, and it's got crazy hours - talk about adrenaline, though). Helps, too, that I pulled out the MAC Pickle shadow (also apparently no longer available,* but this is sorta close) to brighten my eyes a tad.

So how are you dragging yourself out of the Rainy Monday Blues with your Wardrobe?

*My mommy says she's going to put "Discontinued, parts no longer available on her tombstone." Apparently, it's started to happen to me, too!


NotCarrie said...

I have yet to perk up this morning. I am struggling big time so far. I think I'm going to have to go get coffee.

BabsieD said...

I thought I was going to be fired today, so I went for All Out Fired Fabulous. White Sevens, TRB chocolate, blue hugely patterned tunic, mile-high platforms. Figured if I was going to pack boxes, I might as well look good doing it.

Firing didn't happen, but fabulousness did. I feel like summer!

DC Celine said...

BabsieD, you just have to tell us the story?! You survived a potential firing? See? everyone? it does help to dress a little!

BabsieD said...

Sweetheart, I've survived about 50 of 'em.

As you know, I've been working 3 full time jobs (including my volunteer post). I've also been at my job for many, many moons. And it's in the sticks and is no fun. The only other aspiring fashionista in the building just resigned last week.

Here are actual conversations I had yesterday:
Not me: Great shirt!
Me: Thanks! It's my new TRB!
Not me: Who?
Me: Tory Burch.
Not me: Who?
Me: Oh, nevermind.

Me (bragging, granted): Looklooklook! It's my picture in DC Magazine!!!
Not me: What's that?
Me: Um...DC Magazine?
Not me: There's a magazine about DC?
Me: Oh, nevermind.

So anyway, there's a lot of political wrangling going on, plus someone who I'm pretty sure is lobbying to replace me with one of their cronies, combined with me trying to get outoutout anyway, combined with our company being sold last week. So it's a bit heinous. I thought yesterday might be it.

It wasn't, but it's coming soon. So my solution: I'm going All Out Fashionista.
Every day is Platform Day. Every day is Fun Wacky Scarf Day. Every day is Red, Red Lips Day.

Because if I'm going to be headed to the guillotine, I might as well be fashionably dressed for the walk.