12 June 2006

What Will I Wear Tomorrow?

Message to F: Yes, sweetie, I'm on my way home - just a quick post! (I surreptitiously saved my blog as his homepage. He's keeping the home fires burning while I burn the midnight oil at work.)

It's another long night - and one more ahead of me before I take of for Wedding Land. The key to tomorrow's duds, whatever they might be:

Chic, and wearable 'til 9am Wednesday morning. I'm not working a minute past 9am! I swear!


Miss Scarlet said...

You mean...all-nighter?!

DC Celine said...

Yup. I do mean that. It's a crazy world I'm living in now...and so much fun!

Miss Scarlet said...

I literally am unable to pull all-nighters. I would crash and then be useless the entire next day.