25 July 2006

And I'd Like to Thank My Mommy

...for reading my blog.

She hadn't read it in a while, and, well, she's my mommy & she should. So I made her.

And thanks to SiteMeter, I can tell she was online! (See, Mommy, I know!)

But really, this is to thank her. The picture at right is My Lovely Mommy at our wedding. She was perhaps the chic-est dame there.

Dress: Jenny Yoo. Isn't it darling?
Hair: Jae Woo
Makeup: Erwin Gomez
Jewlery: Her own (you can't see the bling she was sporting int his pic, but she was!)
Shoes: (pause for dramatic effect, then whispered with reverence)


Yes. Correct. My mother owns Manolos before I do. We've trained her well. Sis and I have worked a lot with her. And now we're jealous. It's a real shame you can't see them in the picture - they're gorgeous, and she was stunning.

So now, faithful readers, can you help me thank my Mommy? Tell her how gorgeous, young, and beautiful she looked? It was her big day, too.

(Cue orchestra: "get off the stage, we have to give the next award" music)


BabsieD said...

Now that's one hot momma!

The dress (cut and color), the hair (perfect highlights), and the Manolos--and you can't even see her beaming face being that her baby girl was getting married and all.


Miss Scarlet said...

Go, Mom! WOW MANOLOS!!!!!

Roomie said...

She was gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as you, roomie! xoxo