20 July 2006

Best Stain-Resistant Fabric Ever

...at least for Diet Cherry Coke...is black. Back from working dinner with colleagues, grabbed cold caffeine for the next haul, sat down, typing away, and, well, I had a little drinking problem. All over my skirt.

Fortunately, black synthetic fabric resists stains beautifully. Not a sign that I was a clutz remains.

And I bid you adieu for the evening - time to get a little sleep before it starts all over again tomorrow. Tomorrow morning's dilemma: what to wear on casual Friday - or rather, figuring out what to wear on casual Friday when my eyes won't open.


Miss Scarlet said...

Your hours make me tired:( I've got another fashion question when you're ready!

DC Celine said...

Scarlet, me too ;-). It's the way of this world, though - and I really enjoy it & the folks I'm working with...

Fire away! If it's an urgent (before this evening) question, I might not be able to get to it right away...but I should be on again tonight.