21 July 2006

Devil Better 2nd Time Around

Took MIL to see Devil this evening (on a "quick" break from work - which is what I'm procrastinating on now)...though I had to stop myself from saying "oh, this is my favorite part" 30 times, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Got the same welling-up, pseudo-patriotic* sappiness when Nigel made his speech to Andy about why fashion matters, that it's wearable art, and the artists & legends that walked the "Runway" halls. (P.S. - Nigel's my favorite.)

Call me silly, but I'm in love with this movie. Trying to remember if the book was this hyper-morally inspirational. I might just have to re-read on the NYC honeymoon.

Photo courtesy of www.imdb.com.

*Do you know the feeling I'm talking about? It's the Kleenex/Maxwell House "Big Brother Home for Christmas Morning"/4th of July veterans' speech feeling. Where I sorta swell with pride and start a slow burn weep/sob.


BabsieD said...

The movie was definitely better. I need to go back.

When are you heading to NYC? We go up this weekend!

DC Celine said...

The one major part of the book I missed in the movie was the book of ensembles Andy took with her to Paris - I loved it!

NYC is this coming weekend...we're training it up on the 29th.

Report on your trip please?!

BabsieD said...

We're training it up on the 28th!

Weekend in Soho, but I had totally forgot about the Brit exhibit, so we may need to go check that out! Plus a few stops at the usual suspects (Barneys, Bergdorfs et al).

As for what to wear in your later post, simple with a fab accessory is where I'm going! Husband will wear his usual uni of cute shirt and fab Ernest Sewn jeans that I made him buy.

See you shopping!


Anonymous said...

Actually, the book was not inspirational at all, or at least in a completely different way than the movie. The movie, in my opinion, completely changed the nature and character of not only Miranda, but also of the boyfriend (in book, teacher of under-priveleged children; in movie, self-declared unimportant sous-chef). I found the movie to be a fluffy Hollywood take on a disturbing woman with no human kindness or consideration. Plus, Miranda lacked a British accent, which was quite central in the book! The movie also lacked the intense character development of Andy, which ultimately resulted in her telling Miranda to "F--- off!" in Paris. Clearly, a breakthrough scene. Walking away and throwing the cell phone in a fountain...too Hollywood-esque for my taste. Oh, and did I mention that Christian was much cuter in the book? Why did the movie have Andy sleep with him? Completely unneccesary.

A disappointment indeed.

- Sugarplum