22 July 2006

My Fall Obsessions

Just a little bit of what I might try to adapt for my daily life...

I love camel, and the monochromatic texture on texture in Michael Kors' version. I'm thinking it would work for my life with slightly slouchy tall brown boots (need a little slouch with the sleek turtleneck & jumper).

I'm also a fan of the wide-leg pant, like Rebecca Taylor's showing. There's nothing like the width, and a little higher waist to make me feel as slender as can be.

And the high-waisted pant. I can channel Kat Hepburn* all day long in these. InStyle showed a great new Shagg Downtown jean with a sophisticated high waist and long, lean pockets. Sort of trouser-like, I'll let you know when I find it or something like it. (So far I haven't found Shagg Downtown in D.C. - any hints?)

*Photo courtesy of www.imdb.com

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the real j said...

So i did it, bought the suit shorts. Black from Banana with a giant cuffs. Lovin them! Your turn!Already got several compliments.