23 July 2006

Countdown to Honeymoon - Destination: NYC

We leave 6 days from now. Excited doesn't cover it. Of course, there's a HUGE project at work due the day we get back (100s of jobs riding on it, yadayadayada). I seem to have this nasty habit of major, pre-scheduled vacations falling on the eve of a major deadline. Can't be good for my career.

Oh well. Off to NYC.

Just to share a little of what's planned...

Les Paul, guitar legend, at the Iridium

Arturo Sandoval, trumpet legend, at Bluenote.

The Tailor's Art @ FIT

And we're going to see Bobby, Mario, and Lidia...and I may have talked H into lunch at Pastis, since Nobu's out (I don't like sushi enough to be taken to the mecca). Maybe, just maybe, a designer will be lunching there with us, and I'll get to feel all special.
Of course, the whole thing is really about a wonderful week together, no schedules, no appointments, no responsibilities except to relax and wander the Great City. I highly recommend this phased-honeymoon approach!


Miss Scarlet said...

You two are going to have SUCH a great time.

Serena said...

Love the idea of a phased honeymoon. I want my whole life to be one long phased honeymoon : )

DC Celine said...

FlameOn - yup, I agree. And there's absolutely no reason why our lives - single or attached - can't be one long phased honeymoon. Living life to the fullest is always in style!

caphillbarbie said...

Which Bobby and Mario restaurants are you planning on hitting? Pastis is excellent, but if you are in Soho, try Balthazar for the original faux Parisian bistro.

And don't worry about looking cool enough for new yorkers. Just throw on a pair of big sunglasses, carry a great bag and don't stand around gawking at skyscrapers. You will blend in just fine.