03 July 2006

The Devil VIP After-Party Swag Report, Part I

So I was a little early - the premier hadn't gotten out yet...but then, I'd just jetted in from the Star of the South, Atlanta. H chauffered me (in lieu of a real one - we gave him the day off) to G-town, I did a quick car-mirror makeover (I really hope my hair was beachy-windblown chic, not just crap messy), and I sauntered in to Fahrenheit.

My first stop: Champagne. (Is there another first stop?)

Second stop: Perfect Organics table. A lovely, 3-step hand treatment. I loved how they set it up...a big glass bowl, elegant glass pitcher of water, and poured the water gently over my hands to wet and rinse, as necessary. I chose:

The smells are all gorgeous, packaging simple, and prices reasonable. Never mind that they're local (Falls Church!) and woman-owned!

And I'm loving the Vegan Lip and Cheek Shimmer (in D.C.; the shimmers are named after cities on each continent - love the international flair!) that was in the Swag Bag (great canvas bag perfect for toting around documents like the ones you need right after getting married!). It's got a great peppermint scent, and a delicious little tingle that makes me want to keep applying!

The treatment being the first stop meant that my hands were silky soft (baby's bottom, anyone?) for all the handshaking that went on later...

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