24 July 2006

Help! Complete Stress-Ball Over New York Going Out Wear

I'm panicking.

Correction: We're panicking.

H & I are falling asleep last night when he says to me, "I don't know what to wear in New York."

I comfort him - he's got plenty of great shirts, jeans, and shorts. I thought he was talking about daytime.

But he wasn't. He was stressing about New York Going Out Wear.

So he's stressing.

Then I start stressing.

What to wear in the hippest city in North America? What to wear that won't make me look like a country bumpkin - or at least like a staid DC-ite?

Of course, the logical thing to do would be to relax, realize that it's really all about how I wear it, not what I wear.

But that's not working.

So I need help.

My jumping off points are suit shorts (thanks, J!) with a pretty cami & heels (shoes are fortunately not a problem for me) or a shirtdress belted with the most fabulous belt ever (that I don't yet own, of course). None of which is in my closet.

Help?! Calling all DC Fashionistas to the rescue! I don't want to garner the "down the nose" look from the List Woman!

(Oh, and H could use some suggestions, too.)


Miss Scarlet said...

I think the short/suit look with heels is SO hot. And you're right about it being more HOW you wear it.

DC Celine said...

Thank you, Scarlet, BabsieD, and CapHillBarbie...I'm starting to feel better - and more in control of my NY wear...

CapHillBarbie - we're doing Mesa Grill for lunch & Babbo for dinner...mouth is watering already! We'll put Balthazar on the list, too, since we're definitely doing SoHo

the real j said...

For the H, no city guy can go wrong with some euro sneakers. And knowing him, he should probably already have a pair. They make any jeans and shirt hipper in an instce. OR, try the black slacks with honey brown leather shoe approach. A square toe. Pair it with a clean blue button down. Man, i'm blog-happy today.