06 July 2006

I Have Outfit Envy

I'm presentable. Professional. My shirt fits well, and my slacks have a nice drape. I even have an interesting pattern mix (Glen plaid on the slacks, red/white textured stripe on the shirt). I'm not too happy with my shoes (boring, essentially).

But I'm presentable.

Normally, this isn't too much of an issue. I can chalk it up to "I hate my closet," and move on, knowing that a good part of Washington is less put together than me (no, I'm not a snob, just trying to make myself feel better).

So there I was, happily reading the Express on the Blue/Orange Line platform at Metro Center when I spotted the shoes.

First of all, I'm irritated because I don't want to like the wedge (I think people walk funny in them). But these were light, elegant, curvaceous, and delightfully summery. So much so that I spotted them halfway down the platform. Espadrille-style heel, with much more curve (makes the calf look great), and cheeky little crossover cutouts in white leather. Just a hint of toe. (I suspect they might be Steve Madden; I'll browse the web later to see if I can find them.)

The wedges were topped off with a crisp white skirt suit - a-line skirt, short jacket, dusty pink cami (?). Flippy, flirty blonde beach hair. Just such a well done summer office ensemble.

Sigh. And I in my plaid. Ugh. Total Outfit Envy.


Natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

One virtue of the wedge is the fact that the shoes are much easier to walk in than other heels. At least to me. My theorty is that's because it offers support all along the base of the foot.

I'm not sure people walk funny in wedges... either someone can walk in heels or she can't. It's nothing a little practice won't help, though. :-)

DC Celine said...

I suppose one of these days I'll just have to cave and buy a pair. I only wish I could buy the pair I posted earlier...

And yes, people who can't walk in heels in general get on my nerves. It's supposed to be a graceful thing - but oh, so many ladies lumber along, particularly in wedges. My theory is that there's something about having all of that sole that throws damsels into gait distress.