07 July 2006

White Out Party Wear?

Dear DC Celine:

I'm befuddled. I've got this e-vite for a "Summer White Out" party. An all-white dealio. I don't want to stick out like a strawberry on a glacier, but I just don't know what to don without looking like a sweating abominable snowman. I know the mags are full of all-white outfits, but I just can't seem to put it together.


Blushing in White

Dear Blushing*:

Breathe. Turn that AC on high. And then start by hitting the closet. Assess. What's white/ecru/off-white/pale, pale, pale pink? Stretch a little. No need to look totally virginal, and if you don't have white, just go for the palest you've got. Or look to pair pale with less pale. Pair pale one texture with another...like a white linen a-line skirt (demure and ladylike) with a white wifebeater (not at all demure or ladylike). Pull out the sexy gold jeweled sandals you have stashed, or tie on some neutral strappy heels and jazz up the color with a totally-gaudy brooch or pendant (recommend Urban Outfitters for low-budget impact). The bigger, the better. With white, add a splash of color or glitz! Go all out, and you won't blend in.

*OK, it's actually me - I'm not famous enough to get questions from people. Real dilemma, I swear. So instead of running screaming, I'm embracing with summer fervor. Haven't worn the wifebeater (which I was all-out against when they re-arrived on the scene a few years ago, but now consider a staple) since last summer, so... and, of course, it's the perfect opportunity to throw on my J. ReneƩ SoBe purchase (pictured above).

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Miss Scarlet said...

oooh but you do accept questions??