07 July 2006

Style Dilemmas Solved Here! DC Celine Open for Business!

Thank you for asking, Scarlet, yes, while I am by no means whatsoever even remotely famous, popular, or on anyone's "A" list (actually, I am, but that's a really funny story for a completely other time), nor do I have an ever-repeating show on the Style Network, I'm happy try and solve Style Dilemmas here.

Post away with questions. I'm always willing to give my opinion.

I feel like I should hang out a sign "DC Celine is IN," a la Lucy.

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Miss Scarlet said...

Here is a dilemna I have:

So, I work part-time at Barnes and Noble which requires me to be on my feet for 8 hours at a time and we HAVE to wear closed toe shoes. I would be so happy to wear flip flops while there and would never complain again but we're not allowed. Do you have any ideas for summer-appropriate, comfortable, closed-toe shoes? I usually wear knee-length type skirts and a normal top.