07 July 2006

Style Dilemma Solved? Summer-Appropriate Closed Toe Shoes

Scarlet said...

Here is a dilemna I have:So, I work part-time at Barnes and Noble which requires me to be on my feet for 8 hours at a time and we HAVE to wear closed toe shoes. I would be so happy to wear flip flops while there and would never complain again but we're not allowed. Do you have any ideas for summer-appropriate, comfortable, closed-toe shoes? I usually wear knee-length type skirts and a normal top.


I suppose the closed-toe rule @ B&N must have something to do with them not wanting you to drop a case of books on your pretty painted tootsies? I agree. Smudged polish is so yesterday...

Seriously, I'm a fan of neutral shoes as a summer standby. And by neutral, I mean brown, camel, beige, pale pink, green, yellow (you get the picture), or even black patent. If you do the "black is back" thing (which somehow seems particularly appropriate for a bookstore guru), then a pair of non-black shoes is just the key summer accessory. Navy or denim skirt, of course, would be a non-black alternative on top.

Style-wise, platforms and low heels are favored over flats (you've read my musings on flats). If your feet just won't take it, moccasins are comfy, summery, and go with everything, as far as I'm concerned.

Can you do a sling-back? You could pull off a sexy librarian look with those, if you're allowed the open back with a closed toe.

For Low-Budget shoes, I like Target's Mossimo Dylan Platform Pumps in brown - they look high, but the platform cuts some of the height, increasing the comfort factor.

Medium-Budget, try Nine West's Nesa in bronze (I'm a proponent of metallic = neutral) or Schutz 103008 in camelo (perfect for foot-weary jobs because of the rubber sole!)

And, if your budget can spare it, go for something like the Anne Klein New York cork-soled (cork is summery - cork = wine = cool summer drink) Crystal Two in black patent.

Now, I'll have to caveat all of this by saying that I'm a person who's totally comfortable in heels for the better part of a 12-hour day, so adjust accordingly. But the whole point is that tans/browns and other pseudo-neutrals (like pastels, patent leather, and even super-brights) can be really summery if you pay attention to the details!

Tell us if we solved your dilemma! We want to know!


Miss Scarlet said...

Oooh, cute shoes!

We ARE allowed to wear open-back shoes. In fact, I've worn those little chinese slipper shoes a lot which baffles me for being allowed bc they offer no protection AT ALL. Now that I only work 1 day a week there, I can try to wear higher heeled shoes because it won't kill me. I love those cork ones...

DC Celine said...

Aren't they great? And patent leather is such a great contrast to the cork.

The other thing I didn't track down a pic of is a super-bright (think 80s turquoise or magenta) pump.

Tell us what you end up with!