10 July 2006

White-Out Successful, Now What?

Well, I successfully managed the White-Out outfit...definitely on the winning end of the scale at the party, if I do say so myself (and I do)...scrapped the gold heels for a more laid-back look of silver thongs with a sparkly baby buckle (another SoBe purchase), and added a teeny splash of color with a vintage Romanian belt double-wrapped (pic at left is the closest thing I could find online - mine was less floral, more geometric, and wine/gold/silver, w/ tassels).

So I made it through that fashion challenge...only to get to Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's challenge: go from a low-key backyard BBQ to a 30th birthday dinner at Smith & Wollensky, then out for karoke afterwards. Hmmm...

Solution: Another all-white outfit. White linen slacks, an offwhite vintage iie (don't trust my Romanian spelling; the picture at left is similar, but mine's a little filmier), and my wedding heels. A little dressy for the BBQ, but still perfectly summer casual. And we stopped home after the dinner to leave the car pre-AdMo, and I switched into jeans so I wouldn't ruin the white pants at Peyote Cafe...sigh...perfect.

Sunday's challenge: Gipsy Kings concert at Wolf Trap. I got word yesterday that a big project hit at work, so I was in a foul mood, and didn't want to wear a thing in my closet. Solution: What did I turn to? That same iie from the night before. Not smokey, so it worked perfectly. Threw on my silver thongs again, and finished with my favorite $16 pants - in sorta a pinky-brick color (very Southwest). I was comfy, and I always feel great when I put on one of my iie. I highly recommend them...and they're all over right now in some form or another. Tunics, peasant blouses, they're out there...

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