26 July 2006

Moment on Men's Fashion

D sent an email today:

Hey...not to take too much of your time, but take a look at this and tell me if the pattern of the suit clashes with the striped tie. I'm going to a wedding this weekend and have to wear the tie (matches girlfriend's bridesmaid dress), but not sure what color suit to wear. Any expertise you have to offer would be appreciated.

It's good to know my professional expertise is valued in the workplace.

But seriously, I gave D my response, but I'm curious to hear what the rest of you think. Help a guy out? Additional details required for analysis: afternoon wedding in San Diego (read: hot).

And they say men don't like to stop and ask for directions...directions, maybe not. Fashion advice, yes.


Miss Scarlet said...

It didn't give me a clear reaction of "OH YES", but since he has to match the dress and not melt, I think it's fine. I like it when ties and shirts and suits are kinda crazy.

the real j said...

i say no jacket. Its summer, day, and san diego. Jacket not necessary. Either way, the suit goes fine.