17 July 2006

What I Like About the D.C. Heat Wave

Everybody & their mother's brother is whining about the summer heat...yours truly included...but there is something about the sense of style it brings out in people.

Usually I hear guys waxing poetic about the joys of a heat wave - particularly on a college campus. I'm here to say that I'm right there with 'em. Summer brings turquoise strapless dresses made office-ready by a dainty white cardigan. Filmy, flowered blouses show up on the metro (despite what Miranda says about flowers for spring, "how original"). Strappy sandals of every color are galavanting around the streets of Washington. And somehow, there's an air of carefree that belies the oppressive heat. Maybe it's that we just don't - and when we don't care about how we look, we're somehow more confident, and therefore that much more attractive.

Any way you slice it, summer brings freedom in fashion - I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!

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