15 July 2006

Perfect Girly Afternoon - Deviled Lunch on the Islands

Lunch: Tzaziki, hummus, pita, gyro, feta, Kretikos, baklava, galaktabouriko, and Greek coffee at Parthenon

Movie: The Devil Wears Prada at The Avalon

Who: The hippest, haute-est girls I know (5 of my girlfriends)
What: Laughing, dishing, empathizing, palapatations (with the first shoe shots), and tears (when Andy starts to have to make decisions)

Despite the heat - or rather maybe because of it - we lunched on the terrace (read: the sidewalk by Connecticut Avenue). If we closed our eyes and drank enough pinot grigio-like-Kretikos, and the breeze was blowing just right, maybe, just maybe, we could imagine ourselves on Crete or Santorini. But it didn't really matter...we lingered and laughed, shared stories of travels, compared notes on boys, and strategies for weeknight cooking for 1-2 people.

The ensemble of the day: just about all of us were clad in linen gouchos or capris, and wife-beater (there's got to be a better name for those) tanks. It was perfect and breezy. The others threw in a little pink & coral for color, and we were happy in our summer dress. We all lamented the lack of cute summer dresses in our closet. You know, the ones you can just throw on on a day like today and not care and look fabulous.

And, as for the movie, it was really a sweet thing. Never mind the fashion, but it was sweet. Definitely a repeat showing in order.


Miss Scarlet said...

I want to reread the book now.

I know what you mean about summer dresses. I have none!

DC Celine said...

The book & movie are definitely different - my take: it's a good adaptation for summer-moviedom.

On the dresses - quick run to Target yesterday yielded nada. Old Navy was closed by the time I got there...if you find anything, holler! I need some before NYC!