14 July 2006

Who Knew? Cool Bikes and Leather

I didn't know I like motorcycle racing. Heck, I didn't even really know it was out there. Sure, I see the motocross sometimes flipping through, but that doesn't touch this.

MotoGP is sexy. It's hot. It's cool. It's in, apparently (I know this because celebrities like it, therefore, it must be in.) It's racing prototype motorcycles - not like anything you've ever seen on a street - at 200mph using 250hp. For comparison's sake, a sort of normal car could have 200-210hp. And they're 10x as heavy as these bikes. I'm not really sure what laws of physics keep them on the ground - except that sometimes they don't.

How do I know this? Well, thanks to a screening last night, I got to see The Doctor, The Tornado, & the Kentucky Kid. It's a fast, sweet documentary that tells the story of three riders you probably never knew. Amazing athletes, these guys. It's worth going to see. If not for all the really cool bikes parked out in front of the movie theater (and, I must admit, the men riding them. sigh.).

I'll dish about the afterparty at Indebleu before the weekend's out. But I've got about 10 more documents to review before I sleep...

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