13 July 2006

When a Stylist Gets It Right - Keep Her!

jacklv3 asked... in a recent comment:

Can I ask where you found your hair stylist Jae Woo for your wedding. I would like any info. you have for her. Thanks.


Jae Woo is a hair goddess. I've followed her from three salons to her current on-her-own gig at Lux Studios in Bethesda (you can find here there - tell her I sent you!).

Jae and I have been together almost as long as H and I have. I found her because of convenience, and have stayed with her because she listens. She pays attention - what I think is the most important point in a relationship between hair stylist and client. I recognize that there are "Hair Greats" out there like the much-debated (hated?) Jonathan and Sally Hersberger, who have a particular way they do hair. And I also recognize that style is a very personal thing. Hence my loyalty to Jae.

Never mind that her cuts are out of this world. Even if I miss a cut, I can go 2-3 months before the ends drive me crazy. But the cut stays. My hair still has style after that long.

OK, and she was wonderful with the wedding. I wish I had a picture of her face as she was creating - that's what it was (we do have pictures, but I haven't seen those yet - I'll post if I get one). She was so focused, so intent on it being the way she and I pictured it together. She was practically in another world; there was no chatty banter that day.

And it was perfect. Matched the dress, my jewelry (I wore my great-grandmother's pearl & diamond brooch in my hair), and most importantly, me.

Best wishes and good luck on your wedding? I'm guessing that's why you're asking?


Miss Scarlet said...

That's so key-if the cut looks good even when growing out.

jacklv3 said...

Thank you for your info. on Jae. And yes, you are right I wanted to know if she would be available to do my hair for my upcoming wedding. I knew her from a while ago. We had mutual friends but I lost touch with her. So thank you again for providing me with that info. Yes, you are right she is very sweet. I always remembered her with a big smile on her face.

DC Celine said...

Congratulations - that's great! And yes, big smile, and a kind person - which goes a long way in my book. On top of looking great whenever I see her...