13 July 2006

What to Wear, What to Wear?

It's humid.

It's hot.

Duh, you say, it's DC in July.

Have to go to work.

Have an event tonight - screening of a motorcycle racing movie (promise the low-down tomorrow, especially on the meet & greet at Indebleu post-show)

The discussion with Sugarplum, her hubby M (who are joining us this evening), and F has been What To Wear? Never mind that we could be discussing the merits of film, or something much more critical, but this is the topic that's keeping us busy.

What to wear that's cool - literally and figuratively - work- appropriate for those of us who are stuck in an office today, hip, and stylish, and, of course, that shows we're not trying too hard (even when we might be)?

Snippets of conversations:

"I don't have any cool, hip, and stylish clothes." Each of us, at some point in the past week.

"Is this too much for the office?" H - wondering if his black shirt, silver cufflinks, and olive jean-like slacks are to "going out" for day-wear. The answer? No - he looks great, and that's not just the newlywed glow talking.

"I'll figure something out." Each of us, with some exacerbation, at some point in the past week. Except for M, who is the calmest, sanest person I know.

"It's DC." Me, to Sugarplum & H, as a means of trying to calm us all down (we're way too interested in this dilemma). And yes, I know, it's completely counter to my rant last night about how stylish DC is. All of it is true.

The truth of the matter is, it's one event, and no one will care. It's after work on a Thursday, and it's (I cringe at repeating this) DC. Willing to bet that there will be navy and khaki galore.


Anonymous said...

wear white with pastel melon

DC Celine said...

Tell me more, Anonymous. Skirt? Blouse? Shoes?

BabsieD said...

You're going tonight? Yay! I have no idea what I'm wearing, either.

Miss Scarlet said...

I often have to plan my outfit to last alllll day and night and be work and going out-appropriate. It's tough to do! (especially in July)

DC Celine said...

Babsie D - I thought that was you behind the invite. Will look for you - is this old job or new?

Scarlet - so what do you do to get from one to the other?