21 August 2006

Breaking News! DC to Experience the Full-Blown Sample Sale!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it [insert picture of 10-year-old turn-of-the-previous-century boy in newsboy cap here]! You heard it here first (?)!

Mark your calendars, and tie on your comfiest, yet stylish, running shoes! The District Sample Sale hits the former Georgetown Staples space on 12 September.
20+ local style spots are bringing their end-of-season stuffs to bestow upon you at a nominal fee. Both established and District-newcomers are part of the crowd. My advice? Take this as your opportunity to pick up some kick-#$$ accessories from a fellow-DC-dweller, and support local talent.

What's a sample sale? Well, I'd love to tell you myself, but you'd have to trust my virgin definition. I've never been, either, so we're in this together. To date, the NYC-standby hasn't hit the DC streets. We're in for a ride. It's gotten to be such a culture in NYC that there are newsgroups & listserves galore, and Gotham ladies claw their way to the top of The List to get into the most coveted.

This, I'm guessing, will be a slightly more demure event (we are in DC, after all). It's all in the name of a good cause, Labels for Love & Suited for Change. Cocktails, local art, music, and nibbles are part of the ticket price ($25 in advance, $40 at the door). Now that the word is out, though, I'm going to bet that there's little chance of a door ticket - get online and get yours fast, rationalizing a fashion choice with a good heart.

Just in case you had any doubts about joining the Lovely Ladies, here's the current list of participants:
Alex Boutique, Betsy Fisher, Blush, Caramel, Denim Bar, Lettie Gooch, Muleh, Periwinkle, Pink November, Proper Topper, Sugar, Urban Chic, Valise, Wink, Coup de Foudre, Sassanova, Shoe Hive, Simply Soles, Michelle du Pont, Mona Assemi, Queen Bee, and Yomphana Designs. Watch this space for updates - I'll post them in orange as they come in.

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BabsieD said...

Update #1: Muleh is in!

Oh, and Periwinkle's site is http://www.periwinkleshop.com