21 August 2006

Stocking-Free or No?

In the middle of our Tiffany Blue Shoe conversation, Dariaux asked:

Now onto a new question - I know you are a stocking free individual but where might one find good sheer stockings? No color, really, just sheer cover.

She's right. I'm totally a stocking-free gal. Tights, especially patterned or colored ones (hooray! the fall is coming!), are a favorite of mine, but regular ol' hose, no way. Uncomfortable, sticky, and eerily shiny. Not to mention that when I used to attempt to get the right color sheer hose to match my ever-so-fair skin, I either looked like a bad tanning-booth accident or a kindergartner wearing her pretty white tights on the first day of school. And when I did finally find a pair that matched my skin tone, they invariably would a) run immediately, or 2) be henceforth unavailable by decree of some production guru. So I gave up. I also figured out I had an aversion to my legs looking like they were all exactly the same shade. It just didn't work for me.

But nevertheless, hose are sometimes necessary, or even desired, by sister fashionistas. Can anyone help Dariaux with a good, sheer stocking?


caphillbarbie said...

I am also a huge fan of tights over stockings but I believe that there are some occaisons that absolutely require sheer nude stockings (e.g. interviews with conservative law firms). I have found that the DKNY Sheers are the best. My albino complexion looks best in the A01 lightest, but they have a wide range of colors...and none of them are 'suntan.'

Also! Please just remember that open toed shoes and stockings are totally and utterly verboten. I see this a lot in DC and it makes me weep for humanity.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I, too, am extraordinarily fair, so will follow your lead and look towards the A01 shade. And you are so right - I see far too many stocking faux pax (wrong color - that terrible "tan" shade, or with open toe shoes - and God forbid, with the reinforced toe in all its glory showing - argh!!). Off to find DKNY sheers!