24 August 2006

I Did It. I Got Bangs.

Jae: What're we doing today, trim?

DC Celine: Well, I'm feeling really blah, so I need to do something...not terribly drastic - I don't want to get rid of the length. I want to keep the length, but I was wondering if bangs would work. Long, side bangs.

Jae: (eyes light up, bright smile spreads across her face) Yes!

DC Celine: You think it would work?

Jae: Yes! Let's do it!

Wash, wash, snip, snip.

A half hour later, she starts into the long strands around my face. Eeek! I think, it's looking really short.

DC Celine: Wow. This is going to be different. The last time I had bangs, I was probably in 8th grade. Wow.

Jae: (Snips silently. ok, not so silently, we were gabbing away, but that's beside the point. Maybe she was trying to distract me.)

A little while later, the trauma sets in. Eeek! What did I do? I think, as she dries my hair. It's going to take a while to get used to this...I can always grow it out.

She's done. She loves it. I have to think about it.

I look in the mirror again.

Hmmm. Maybe not so bad.

Hmmm. Actually, I look pretty good.

She looks at me, "Oh, you look so cute!"

I look again. Yup, I like it. Like it a lot. Of course, I'm going to have to maintain this daily (which is more than I do now, when I basically towel dry on normal days). But I really like it.

OK, Elle Macpherson I'm not, but hey! I'll take what I can get.

On the way home, when I hit that mini-wind tunnel where you start to go up the metro escalator, and as I walk jauntily up my street, my hair flows and bounces shampoo-commercial style behind me.

I've been home for two hours, and I still keep looking at myself in the mirror. Vain? Yes. Happy? Yes. Out of my rut? Absolutely.

Thanks, Jae! You're the best!


Miss Scarlet said...

When I get my hair cut I end up taking pictures of it that night bc I love it so much. Congrats on going to the bangs!

DC Celine said...

Scarlet - I considered it, trust me. Because, of course, it never looks the same one I start doing it myself.

Misty Ann Matheson said...

i'm sure you look faboo sugar. i can't wait to see a pic!

Natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

When are you posting a photo of your new bangs???