24 August 2006

Feelin' Rather Plain

I'm in a rut again. I'm feeling plain, blah, non-descript, uninspired, all those words a bunch of us used a while back to describe our state-of-fashion-minds. This time, I've resolved that I won't get myself out of it with a lengthy (and expensive) shopping trip. So. What do I do?

Well, I've got an appointment with Jae today anyway. And I'm thinkin' I'm going to ask her about something drastic. No, no, not go short...the last time I had short hair I was about 5, and with my round/square face and strawberry blonde locks, I still insist I looked like a basketball. Never mind that I'm in a beligerent I'm-going-to-keep-my-hair-as-long-as-I-can-and-not-be-the-old-lady-with-the-long-hair mood. If 41-year old Elle McPherson can do it, so can I (right. Let's not get into discussing the differences between me & Elle. She might get jealous.)

No, it's none of the above. I'm thinking I might like to try that newfangled style: the long, side-swept bang.

I figure it can't be so bad. If it's good, I'll love it - it's a really sexy, grown-up style. If it doesn't work on me, well, then I just hi-tail it to Target and get a stack of the fun headbands out right now. And invest in a large can of hairspray for the slicked-back J-Lo look. It's risky, but I think I'm going to take the risk.

Anyone else out there going to take a fashion risk today?

Shhhh...don't tell H! He's away for a night, and doesn't know (ok, I've not-so-secretly set this as his homepage, so if he reads it, he'll know, but that's beside the point). If it works, he'll have a sexy, model-like wife when he gets back!

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Miss Scarlet said...

oooh, sounds like a good plan! I got bangs about 1.5 years ago and now that they're grown out, I still want that side-swept look. My hair is naturally curly/wavy, though so it's such a gamble having bangs. I couldn't get a hair appt until Oct 4th! I have so long to wait for my change;)