16 August 2006

Newsflash: Mick bored at The Wynn

Yes, you read that right.

Mick is at Wynn Las Vegas on business, and is bored.

He has all access. And he's bored.

Mutual friends (ok, Mick, you guessed it, Sugarplum & M ratted you out) told me this last night over dinner at the new Lia's (more on that later).

How in the world can you be at the most over-the-top place in the world, with spas, restaurants, and pretty sparkling lights (we really haven't come that far from our animal friends - give me something sparkly and glittery, and I'm done*), the beautiful girls that have to be there, and be bored?

I know you read this, Mick. I'm issuing you a challenge:

Go live it up. And report in. Tell the rest of us waaaaaay back in D.C. what we're missing in The Land of Excess. Massage, kobe steak, sashimi, jo malone, oscar, cartier...D.C. wants to know!

*This is why, when I hit a casino, I make a beeline for the slots. The lights twirl & sparkle, for heaven's sake! And I only play the slots with the sparkly wheels. Not that I ever win, but the lights & sounds keep me entertained long enough to blow my allotted casino spending money.

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