07 August 2006

NYC Honeymoon Report - Day 1

I'm going to start with a quick & dirty summary, posting day-by-day, so I can get in a post between proposal edits (don't ask - you really don't want to know).

Day 1

Train to Penn Station (annoyed H along the way by pointing out really pretty things in magazines while he was trying to read impressive cultural articles in the NYTimes)

Arrival, jet to The Marcel to drop bags

Un-fancy, but nevertheless relaxing mani/pedi for both of us @ Bellagio Spa, 23rd & Lexington

Uptown shopping: Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman (ladies & gents)


Panic about first night's outfit

Dinner at The Diner - Meatpacking District

Dancing & drinks @ Cielo

Keith-spotting @ Cielo

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