07 August 2006

My Daily Little Bit of NYC

Apparently I've fallen in love with Brasilian shoe designers. On Honeymoon Day 1, picked up a pair of Chie Mihara pumps at the Bergdorf Goodman sale - kinda like the ones at right. Same beautiful blush color and adorable girlie details (I know, I know, girlie is out, menswear is in, but I like girly). Soft as a baby's #$%% leather, stacked wooden heel...

I'm going to smack my head walking into something because I'm walking around looking at my pretty Brasil via New York toes.


Miss Scarlet said...

Glad you had a good time! Those shoes are nice, very good find.

And Sting and Trudie!?

DC Celine said...

Aren't they? They're off, now, whilst I edit...but they're very pretty.

Sting and Trudie appears on Day 4 or 5. You'll just have to wait ;-)