31 August 2006

On the Road - The Near/Almost Mid-West

Tomorrow morning, H and I are off on our first married Road Trip (drive from the beach last weekend doesn't count - we know where all the rest stops are). I can't guarantee extensive reports, but I do promise a few mobile posts and a report out when I get back from:

The Iron City

The New American City (seriously, that's what it calls itself on its website)

and Cincy (no, not Sin City)

I'm curious about the style choices in places where Iron City beer rules, are the site of Drew Carey's TV life, and are just thaaaaat close to Kentucky.


Anonymous said...

The *real* mid-west starts with Indiana. We prefer to refer to our region as the "rust belt". And while you're in the rust belt, why don't you drive the extra couple of hours to the Motor City?


BabsieD said...

Ah, love Pittsburgh. Enjoy!