08 September 2006

Near Mid-West Report

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I'm a bit of a slacker. Pardon me for working.

I have a quick report on the Near-Mid-West (yes, MotorCityGirl, I know it's not really the Mid-West)...

Pittsburgh - in love. Not NYC-in-love, but Pittsburgh is really a great city. Other than being a place where they apparently breed gorgeous people (H & I both have whiplash - I'm not kidding...and they grow 'em big & strong out there), highlights are a home-grown body care shop (I'll share the link shortly) with fresh-made scrubs & lotions, dinner at Lidia's, a South Side bar crawl (Elixir & Town Tavern), and Saddle Ridge (I finally dragged H into a country bar!). We weren't there long enough or during regular shopping hours, so I can't give a style shopping review, but there were several potential spots on the South Side. Babsie D? Any tips for the Pittsburg-bound?

Cleveland - No shopping to report, but we did have a wonderful dinner on Lake Erie at Pier W. H remembers it as an old-school lakeside restaurant complete with rustic ship paraphanalia. No longer. It's a sleek, warm, elegant way to do fish & seafood. Live jazz doesn't hurt either. Cleveland's (crap! I can't remember the name of the 'hood! I'll have to ask H & let you know) neighborhood has 100s of little galleries, but I didn't spot much in the way of clothing, shoes, or accessories.

Cincinnati - Mother load. Again, we were on the interstate during regular shopping hours, but our friends' nearby "main street" area had 3-5 boutiques on its own, not to mention the other 'hoods they showed us. SkatingMom swears by a couple of the nearby consignment shops for dresses, in particular. And since since Princess Ellie (all of us girls were dubbed princesses by the cutest nearly 3-year old in the entire world) is, in fact, the cutest nearly 3-year-old in the world, we'll be back to visit. What could be better than combining a weekend of playing princess with shopping?

And as far as the on-the-street fashion, I'm sorry to report that it's nothing to write home about - hence the lack of mobile blogging last weekend. Predictable, but not nearly as drab as "they" say the middle of our country is. Tunics & long, layered Ts were all over, to the point where I nearly asked someone if they all go shopping in the exact. same. store. Jeans were boot- or straight-cut, not skinny, and jeans skirts were de rigueur.

Of all the nightspots, Elixir boasted the most interesting choices, including a pair of white pants on a very tiny (read: short and very skinny) woman cuffed long & unevenly. It caught my eye (she also happened to be stunning, and apparently was sporting a new 'do, based on the way her friends were hugging her and patting her head), and I first thought it was accidental and to prevent white pants from getting muddy on the rainy night. Maybe that was part of it, but she was otherwise well-clad (brown & white pop-arty-patterned top, sleek, choppy 'do), so it made me think she might have been purposeful in her asymmetrical folds. Gutsy, at any rate.


BabsieD said...

The home grown P-bgh beauty shop you mention--is it the one in that little mall place down by the river (I think it's called Station Square?). I used to order their Disco lotion and have it shipped. I love that place.

cha said...

I just got back from Pittsburgh last night and your post made me smile, authentic Pittsburgher that I am. One of my favorite places is Walnut Street in Shady Side. It has standard Banana Republic/J Crew store, and then some really wonderful boutiques (esp. the Shady Side Mining Company). The SouthSide (S'Side) is always fun, but there are little jewels all over. Can you tell I'm just a little bit homesick? Anyway, the beauty shop is called Loova and has the best sugar scrub, bar none, out there. http://www.loova.com/guestbook.html
They're not even paying me to say that.

DC Celine said...

Yes, yes, ladies...it's Loova...am currently in love with the rosemary-mint sugar scrub...and have yet to test the massage bar...