08 September 2006


The Liquid Muse asked when I'd be posting a pic of my new bangs.



Let me address that.


I'm bang-challenged. It's not easy, having bangs. It takes work. Especially when your hair is infuriatingly in between straight & wavy, and particularly so in the on-again, off-again humidity that is Washington. I've got the hang of blow-drying the bangs themselves. And some days I can manage to spend the time required for the rest of my head to not look like I'm channelling some bad Debbie Gibson (in the pre-I'm-Deborah-not-Debbie phase of her life). I've even managed to pull out the curling iron and take a stab at the Modern Farrah (which was successful, and even more-or-less held up in the wind whipping off of Lake Erie).

It's really really hard. (Oh, the drama of my life...really tears at your heartstrings, doesn't it?)

But I'm just not ready to post a pic yet. I'm considering it. And, if I can get up the courage to share my bang-dom with the world, I promise I will...just be kind, please.

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Miss Scarlet said...

It was so tough having bangs from April until October. I still want to have them again, but it's just so tough when one's hair isn't already straight.